Primary Care Solutions

Transforming Healthcare through Office Efficiencies

Unlock the full potential of your healthcare practice with AltaCair’s comprehensive suite of solutions designed to elevate patient care, streamline operations, and boost your practice’s overall efficiency.

Customer Service Excellence: Enhance your patients’ journey and elevate their experience with our Customer Service solutions. Elevate your CAHPS scores, ensuring that your practice stands out for delivering exceptional care.

Leader Development: Empower your leadership team by identifying their top 5 strengths. Our Leader Development programs will help your leaders thrive, fostering a positive and effective work environment.

HIPAA Compliance: Navigate the complex landscape of healthcare regulations effortlessly. Avoid pitfalls and license risks with AltaCair’s HIPAA Compliance solutions, ensuring your practice remains secure and compliant.

Business Optimization: Stay ahead of the curve with best practices from across the country tailored to your clinic. Our Business Optimization services encompass P&L improvements, billing optimization, lost revenue capture, and scalable pathways to propel your practice forward.

Health Equity: Identify practical ways to increase access to quality care for all your patients. Our Health Equity solutions promote inclusivity and help you create an environment where everyone receives the care they deserve.

ACO Consulting: Should you or shouldn’t you join an ACO? Discover what’s right for your practice with our expert advice and guidance on Accountable Care Organizations.

Care Management Programs: Take charge of patient care with our specialized programs, including Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Transitional Care Management (TCM), and Chronic Disease Management (CDM). Our 30-day and 90-day Transition Care Programs ensure a seamless and effective transition for your patients.

Patient Activation and Engagement: Activate and engage your patients with our Care Pathways and Journey programs. Boost your CAHPS performance with strategies that foster patient satisfaction and loyalty.

Business Optimization Services: Experience P&L improvements, optimize billing through documentation improvements, capture lost revenue, and identify scaling pathways. Our expert strategies also cover practice buy & sell considerations, ensuring your business operates at its peak.

AltaCair is your partner in achieving operational excellence, enhancing patient care, and driving success in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Choose AltaCair for a healthier, more efficient future for your practice